Friends to Customers. The Power of Email. 10 Secret Lessons to get, keep and grow customers.

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EchoMail for Email and Social Media Marketing, Sales and Management

Email is ultimately the media that converts your followers, friends and prospects who write to you on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your Website, etc. to customers.

EchoMail provides a single platform for integrating all those inbound customer interactions. At EchoMail, we support our customers through both education and technology. We enable you to learn email best practises, by sharing our experience since 1993 in helping big brands who used their business email to get, keep and grow customers.

In the book, The Email Revolution, you can discover how email classification, email marketing, email routing, and automatic email response (autoresponder) are used by some of the largest organizations to service their customers promptly. You can also learn through our 10-week program, how EchoMail email analyzer can extract knowledge from customer email, and allows you to craft great email responses quickly. This supports you in delivering great customer service as well as email sales and lead generation.

The EchoMail platform also supports email monitoring and many other ways to tap into email intelligence. Using EchoMail, you can do email tracking and assessment of email and social media for reputation management, conduct email surveys and generate detailed email reporting. We also include a powerful email marketing module to enable you to proactively send marketing campaigns.

Most importantly, all of this is delivered in an easy-to-use interface, so whether your organization is small or large, you can start today.